November 2014 marks the first year of work on the PetaJakarta project. As we prepare to “go live” in December, the Year 1 Research Highlights gives a snapshot of our progress to date.

PetaJakarta Year 1 Report Cover

Project Abstract

PetaJakarta is a crowd-sourcing data-collection initiative which aims to advance our capacity to understand and promote resilience of cities to both extreme weather events as a result of climate change and to long-term infrastructure transformation as a process of climate adaptation. Developing new ways of capturing information about megacities during extreme events will be critical to understand how the urban environment, informal settlements, and infrastructure will response to the challenges of a changing climate, flooding and sea level rise. This is particularly prevalent to South-East Asian mega-cities which will bear the brunt of much of this change. PetaJakarta is our proof of concept GeoSocial Intelligence Platform, which will harness the power of social media to gather, sort and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents and governmental agencies in real time.

Half the world's population live within the Asian circle

More half the world’s population live within the Asian circle

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