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The Open Data Institute in London has awarded the project, through the SMART Open Source Geospatial Laboratory, a grant to showcase the project’s use of open data and software.

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Link to Q&A interview about the award below.


Fullbright-National Geographic Fellow Christina Leigh Geros is currently collaborating with the project in Indonesia. Read her description of the project for National Geographic here.

On Thursday I was invited to discuss on the ABC Illawarra Radio Morning Show with Nick Rheinberger. The interview introduced the concept around crowd-sourcing flood reports in Jakarta, and discussed the use of real-time mapping for Emergency Services in Jakarta, and potentially Australia. You can listen to a recording of the interview via the soundcloud link below.

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Read the transcript of the interview at the blog:
Social Media as Urban Infrastructure — JJK Extended Interview with

Or, click the link in the tweet below to view the e-magazine issue: