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The Open Data Institute in London has awarded the project, through the SMART Open Source Geospatial Laboratory, a grant to showcase the project’s use of open data and software.

Read the announcement here:

Link to Q&A interview about the award below.

The project was officially launched on the 2nd of December, by the Governor of Jakarta, University of Wollongong and Twitter Inc. launch launch

Further details at

The Big Boulder Initiative

Twitter #DataGrants offer academics access to social data with the intention to change the world. At today’s panel, three researchers spoke on how they plan to use Twitter data to answer big questions around health, disaster response, and sentiment analysis and the best ways for the social data industry to work with academia at large to encourage new ideas, collaboration, and how to train the next generation of scientists to effectively use social data.

John Brownsten of Boston Children’s Hospital / Harvard Medical school plans to use Twitter Data to track foodborne illness, which generally goes unreported due to its fleeting presence. Tomas Holderness of the University of Wollongong will use Twitter data to track and test disaster response and decision making during annual flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia, so that future flood damage can be mitigated in real time. Finally, Mehrdad Yazdani of UCSD is using machine learning and artificial…

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A quick first post to mention that this blog will be the new home for my web space previously hosted by Newcastle University. I’ll be updating it and migrating software and documents from my old pages in the coming weeks.